The Office of Career Services at Machakos University plays a significant role in positively imparting the campus life experience of every student in the University. The office operates under the leadership of the Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic and Student Affairs and works in close consultation with the Dean of students who is the immediate advisor and supervisor to the office. The Office of Career Services is enthusiastic and focused on educating and empowering students to practice lifelong career development skills, make effective career decisions, and achieve professional success. It aims at integrating the students’ academic competence with work related values and soft/life skills that bring out an all round student that is well seasoned for employment and/or entrepreneurship.

Our Strategic Goals:

  • To raise a competitive brand of Machakos University students entering the workplace.
  • To increase Machakos University Graduates employment rate.
  • To increase student awareness about opportunities in the public sector, private sector and in entrepreneurship.
  • To keep up-to-date with Career services best practices.

Our Objectives

  1. Guide students in self assessment and career exploration in order to help them develop personalized career goals.
  2. Provide professional and structured academic and career advising and counseling to meet the students’ specific needs.
  3. Establish a resource center that will assist students acquire information, knowledge and competencies that enhance individual career development and academic success.
  4. Guide students in identifying individual career progression paths like postgraduate studies, professional short courses and relevant professional bodies in line with their profession.
  5. Identify and share with students’ opportunities for internship, attachment and business opportunities/employment.
  6. Recruit and train career office student ambassadors to assist in creating career development awareness amongst students.

Our daily activities include:

  • Offering academic and career counseling and mentorship.
  • Conducting career group counseling sessions on tailor made themes for specific student groups such as departments, persons with special needs and training sessions on specific topics such as resume writing, life skills training, employer recruiting techniques, interview skills and entrepreneurship among others.
  • Creating and updating a database with potential employers, jobs available and job search engines. This data is to be obtained through partnerships.
  • Educating students and the community at large about current career opportunities and employment trends.
  • Effectively and efficiently promoting and marketing the institution to prospective employers.
  • Organizing workshops on resume writing, employer recruiting techniques, interview skills and entrepreneurship.
  • Developing and maintaining a career resources library for students in the university.